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  • For your teeth: Zoom! Whitening

    The in-office Zoom! whitnening treatment is a great way to get instant results, reducing stain and discoloration, and making your teeth several shades whiter. In addition, the treatment includes custom trays so you can continue to whiten as needed at home. See Before and After photos on the whitening page.

    For your fine-lines and wrinkles: Botox

    Botox has been a ground-breaking product, providing relief to overactive muscles causing tension and discomfort, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, giving a youthful appearance. Visit the Botox page for more information, Before & Afters, and typical treatment areas.

    For your skin: Hydration | Lash Boost | Sunless Tanner

    We've included several products from the skin care line of Rodan + Fields in these packages that are the most frequently requested by our patients. I bet many of you are asking "But why skin care products at a dental office?". Simple, taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Having experienced significant dermatological conditions themselves, both Drs. Kenner have become advocates for skin care and sharing ways to keep your skin healthy along with your oral health.

    Active Hydration Serum

    Now that you’ve taken control of your fine-lines and wrinkles with Botox, protect your skin and give it the all-day hydration it needs to maintain a healthy and youthful look. The Active Hydration Serum can be applied on the same day of your Botox treatment, either before or at least 4 hours after the Botox injections. Click here for more detailed information on the Active Hydration Serum product at Rodan+Fields.com.

    Foaming Sunless Tanner

    Enhance your bright white smile after your Zoom! treatment and smooth Botox-treated skin against a natural-looking radiant tan without harmful UV exposure with this foaming sunless tanner. This foam goes on even and clean, leaving a fresh and hydrated sensation. Application is recommended either at least 1 hour before your Botox treatment, or at least 4 hours after. Click here for more detailed information on the Foaming Sunless Tanner product at Rodan+Fields.com.

    Lash Boost

    This is by far the most popular and requested product. Lash Boost will give you longer-looking, darker-looking, and fuller-looking lashes and brows. Simply apply this conditioning serum at night to the lash-line and brows using the built-in brush applicator and notice a difference in as little as four weeks. Lash Boost can be applied on the same day as your Botox treatment, however for best Lash Boost results, it should be applied to clean and make-up free brows. Therefore, any face washing should be delayed at least 4 hours after Botox injection. Click here for more detailed information on the Lash Boost product at Rodan+Fields.com.



    For any additional questions about these products and if they are right for you, feel free to contact Dr. Leigh Kenner at DrKenner@KennerDentalGroup.com