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    Teeth in a Day - Implant Dentures

    • The denture used so far is referred to as the “transitional” or “interim” denture. It’s original design was based on the pre-existing teeth that were removed. Chances are, significant improvements are needed from these old teeth. Therefore, the interim denture also serves the important roll as a “trial run” of the denture design. While the patient wears the interim denture, they can determine what changes or modifications they would like, and these can be communicated to dental laboratory and incorporated into the final implant supported denture.

      After all changes and adjustments have been made, the dental laboratory makes the final denture. The specific construction of the final denture can be of several different materials. The most common options are A) porcelain layered over a strong frame of either zirconia or metal, B) all zirconia, or C) a combination of denture acrylic and denture teeth over a metal frame.

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