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    Teeth in a Day - Consultation & Diagnosis

    The “Teeth In A Day” process starts with a consultation visit where a 3D x-ray (or CT scan) is taken, along with impressions of the existing teeth. These impressions will be used to make the denture(s) that will eventually become the “Teeth In A Day” and replace the natural teeth at the surgery appointment.

    Some clarification on terminology is useful here:

    • A denture that rests on gum tissue and can be removed is referred to a “Conventional Denture”.

    • A denture that connects to dental implants with screws and does not depend on resting on gum tissue for support is referred to as an “Implant Supported Denture”. This does not have all the acrylic that a conventional dentures does, most notably it’s missing the acrylic over the roof of the mouth.

    If the patient is a candidate for treatment, the next step is the surgery appointment. This is where all the natural teeth are removed and dental implants are placed. If the implants are stable in the jaw bone, the denture is modified to become an implant supported denture.

    Otherwise, if the dental implants are not stable enough to support the denture (either the bone is too soft, or bone grafting was needed) they are covered with gum tissue and the patient goes home wearing the conventional denture. Then after 4 to 6 months of healing, the tops of the implants are exposed and the conventional denture is modified to become an implant supported denture during a second minor surgical appointment.

    At this point after either scenario, the patient now has an implant supported denture. But the process doesn’t stop there ... Next