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    5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Oral Health Right Now

    • 5) Use fluoridated tooth paste. There has been recent concern about fluoride and whether or not it is harmful. Indeed when you ingest large amounts of fluoride (and large amounts of anything for that matter, not just fluoride, this can be harmful to the body. But when you use fluoridated toothpaste, you’re not eating it, you’re applying it topically to the teeth. And any residual amounts that are ingested after brushing are minimal, and no more than what you would receive from eating foods that naturally contain fluoride. Fluoride’s benefit is that it makes the enamel stronger, more resistant to the damaging effects of acid produced by oral bacteria, and even acids from the foods we eat. Fluoride can also help stop cavities from getting bigger. It’s not a silver bullet and doesn’t make them go away, but if a cavity has just started and is only on the surface on the enamel, then exposure to fluoride may be able to mineralize the area of decay and prevent it for growing bigger and eventually needing a cavity.

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