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    5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Oral Health Right Now

    • 4) Incorporate a mouthwash. The role of a mouthwash is to disrupt the bacterial growth on the teeth and tongue as it washes away food from between teeth. A common question is: “What’s the best mouth rinse to use?”. Fortunately, most mouthwashes available at your nearest drug store work pretty well and most are based on alcohol as their main active ingredient. One thing to consider is that if used multiple times a day, an alcohol based mouthwash can dry out the mouth and sometimes irritate the gums. However, if used once a day, you should be alright. Other options include simple table salt mixed with warm water. The best part of this is it’s easily made at home, and all natural. The salt water works well disrupting the bacteria in the mouth and isn’t as hard on the gums as an alcohol based rinse. Lastly, there are prescription mouthwashes that you get from the dental office. These are often prescribed when moderate to severe periodontal disease is present, or after having oral surgery.! ... Step Five