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    5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Oral Health Right Now

    • 2) Quit tobacco Quitting smoking will have the biggest effect on improving your oral health, and it can be seen almost immediately (not to mention the other health benefits for your lungs, heart, skin, and sexual performance). But cigarette smoking isn’t the only form of tobacco consumption that damages your mouth and body. Chewing tobacco, vaping, and anything else that releases nicotine does also. Aside from the highly damaging chemicals that are produced when tobacco is burned as with smoking, the released nicotine directly effects the gum tissue’s ability to fight off infection and heal from injury. It causes blood vessels to constrict and decreases blood flow to the gums (along with other body parts that depend on blood flow). When this happens, nutrients and protective cells can’t get to areas of injury to heal or to fight off bacteria. This is why bone loss and periodontal disease are associated with tobacco use. And once bone is lost around teeth, there is no way to re-grow it. So the sooner you put down the tobacco, the closer you’ll be to saving your teeth! ... Step Three