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    Janice Morgan, RDH

    7 signs you may have gum disease. Read More

    What does BP have to do with my teeth?

    William C. Kenner V, DDS

    Have you ever wondered why you have your blood pressure taken at your dental visit? This may seem unnecessary and not pertinent to having your teeth cleaned, but in fact it may be more important than you think. Read More

    Teeth in a Day

    William C. Kenner V, DDS

    Have you ever seen those commercials on TV advertising “Teeth in a day” and wondered what exactly that meant, or how people can get dental implants and all new teeth in one day? This is a common question we get a lot from patients looking to replace multiple missing and broken teeth. Read More

    5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Oral Health Right Now

    William C. Kenner V, DDS

    Ever wonder what easy things you can do at home to instantly improve your teeth? How about the best time to brush, what kind of mouthrinse, or does floss really work? Follow these 5 simple steps right now and find out for yourself. Read More