Refine your oral health with PerioSciences® antioxidant oral care products

The human body has many remarkable abilities, including fending off illnesses through its natural defense systems. The mouth is no exception! Many oral health problems arise from infection and inflammation, and our most effective natural defense against these illnesses resides in the saliva. Saliva has natural antibacterial agents and antioxidants that help fend off disease-causing bacteria and promote healthy tissues. At Kenner Dental Group we also provide patients PerioSciences® oral care products designed to enhance our body’s natural antibacterial defenses while also providing several other benefits.

The PerioSciences® difference

Walking down your local grocery store aisle, you are probably inundated with products that promise to kill disease-causing bacteria. While these dental products effectively disinfect the mouth, they are typically formulated with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Although these can be effective antiseptics, they do not effectively help with inflammation and can have the unwanted side effect of drying out oral tissues and increasing inflammation due to irritation.

PerioSciences, on the other hand, have been developed to work in harmony with the body’s natural defense systems by complementing the natural antimicrobial and antioxidant properties in saliva. PerioSciences products:

  • Are gentle on soft tissues
  • Help eliminate harmful bacteria from the oral cavity
  • Provide powerful antioxidants and polyphenols to reduce inflammation

PerioSciences products to meet your needs

PerioSciences offers several products that are specially formulated to target common oral health concerns such as dry mouth, discolored teeth, and sensitive teeth. Within each line, patients can benefit from several oral care products that complement each other to help you achieve your healthiest smile:

  • AO ProVantage Gel: It is estimated that approximately half of adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease. Keeping gum disease under control is vital to maintaining oral heath, and AO ProVantage Gel is designed to do just that. This antioxidant-infused formulation helps soothe irritated and inflamed gums.
  • AO ProRinse: This alcohol-free mouth rinse is designed to freshen your breath and keep your mouth hydrated, an important component in preventing plaque and calculus formation.
  • AO ProToothpaste: Keep your teeth clean and bright with PerioSciences toothpaste that is rich in antioxidants and formulated for your unique oral health needs.

Dr. Kenner can help you determine which combination of PerioSciences products is right for your specific oral health needs. To learn more, call Kenner Dental Group in Burien, Washington today at (206) 208-2339!