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  • Case Examples of Bonding Treatments


    Black-triangle Correction using the Bioclear technique:

    Significant aesthetic compromise can occur when there is loss of gum tissue between the teeth and dark spaces, or "black-triangles", appear. Common causes of gum tissue loss include aging, orthodontic treatment, aggressive brushing, trauma, or chronic periodontal disease. Once the contributing factors for gum loss are addressed and eliminated, correction of the spaces is easily done with addition of composite material to re-shape the teeth, and fill in the spaces. Since no removal of tooth structure is needed, and composite is directly added to the surface of the teeth, this procedure can be completed very comfortably without any anesthetic.

    Black triangles after orthodontics
    Black-triangle spaces after orthodontics
    Black triangles after orthodontics corrected with bonding
    Closure of spaces using Bioclear technique
    Localized triangle closure
    Localized space corrected with bonding
    Black triangle closure
    Correction of lower black-triangles

    Peg-lateral Correction:

    In this treatment case, the patient presented with under-sized lateral incisors, often referred to as "peg laterals". After completing orthodontic treatment and ideally positioning the teeth, the spacing was ready to be corrected with bonding. The difference in tooth size was easily corrected by simply adding tooth-colored composite to the lateral incisors restoring each tooth's ideal shape and creating a very aesthetic and natural looking result. No removal tooth structure was necessary, so all this treatment was completed very comfortably without anesthetic.

    Peg-lateral correction
    After Bonding
    Aesthetic Correction of Peg-Laterals

    Composite Veneers:

    With cases of significant discoloration of teeth, composite veneering can completely change the appearance of the teeth and enhance the coloration. This treatment involves minor removal of tooth structure, mainly areas of decay, compromised enamel, and old stained fillings. Afterwards, composite material is applied over the teeth and shaped to a very natural looking contour. This can be a favorable option over porcelain veneers since more natural tooth structure can be maintained.

    Composite Veneer Bonding
    Correction of aesthetics with Composite Veneers